Wren is a fit, rough and tumble, Ranger. Wren comes from far away lands, a completely different continent in fact. For reasons unknown to her she was abandoned as a baby in the great Logwood forest. Luckily she was found by an elderly eleven Ranger named Altus Wormrot, a strange but wise man who lived apart from society at large. Altus was taught by Druids and could speak to all manor of creatures and it was a little Wren bird who told Altus about the abandoned baby. When Altus found the child he thought it fitting to name her Wren. As Wren grew she was taught the ways of the Ranger, taught how to fight and survive in the wilds. Altus taught Wren as much as he could but he suffered from an old mysterious wound that slowly but surly poisoned him to death. He never told Wren how he got the wound but he told her that when his death came he would like for his ashes to be returned to his birth place, the Silvervale Forest in Aerta. So it came to be that Wren was forced to take work on a ship and spend months as sea. During her voyage Wren became a very skilled sailor, but she longed to be in the forests again. She made it to Aerta, started heading for Silvervale Forests, and that's when trouble happened...

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